• Permanent Birth Control - Essure Tubal Litigation

  • FamilyUsing Essure®, the most effective permanent birth control on the market, CHPG Women’s Health is able to provide women with a permanent sterilization options that:

    • Makes no incisions
    • Requires no anesthesia
    • Takes only 30-45 minutes, as opposed to a 3 hours for a hospital-based treatment
    • Costs a fraction of the price of an operating room procedure

    How Essure Tubal Litigation Works

    Essure tubal litigation is a procedure that places a soft insert to block the fallpoian tubes. Over the course of three months, the insert forms a natural barrier in the body that prevents sperms from reaching an egg.

    After three months, a dye-based test is performed to confirm that the fallopian tubes are bully blocked.


    Tubal litigation with Essure is more than 99% effective in preventing pregnancy. To learn more visit, www.essure.com.

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