• In-Office Endometrial Ablation

  • Woman with glassesEndometrial ablation is an old procedure that has undergone several advancements to make it an excellent option for the treatment of abnormal menstrual bleeding. Endometrial ablation with NovaSure is an in-office or out-patient procedure that eliminates the majority of, if not all, of the endometrial lining that a woman sheds on a regular basis. The procedure results in menses ceasing or becoming minimal.

    Endometrial ablation gives some woman with heavy or irregular periods more options than a hysterectomy or taking hormones.

    How Endometrial Ablation Works

    To perform an in-office endometrial ablation, a gynecologist administers a small amount of medication to keep the patient comfortable and relaxed. The physician then examines the lining of the uterus with a small camera and places an expandable mesh device into the cavity. Once the device is in place, low frequency energy is delivered through the mesh for 90 seconds.

    The entire procedure takes less than 10 minutes and causes minimal discomfort afterward.


    Endometrial ablation has a success rate of more than 90%. It should not be performed on women who still wish to have children: although fortunately, there are other options for these women as well.

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