• Menopause - Information and Treatment Options

  • Woman in whiteMenopause is a natural event when a woman’s ovaries stop producing enough hormones to cause menstrual cycles. The average age of menopause is 51 years old, but menopause can normally occur at any age between 42 and 56. 

    Some women experience other symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, mental changes, and vaginal dryness, while others cease to have periods with no other problems. Any bleeding after menopause is considered abnormal until the proper work-up has been done.


    If a woman's quality of life is affected by menopausal symptoms, estrogen and/or progesterone replacement may be considered. Estrogen and progesterone come in many different forms and a thorough medical history needs to be taken to assess risk factors for possible serious side effects. Depending on how the woman does with hormone replacement therapy, compounding a combination of several hormones may be necessary. 

    At CHPG Women’s Health in Denver we work with a local, reputable pharmacy for compounding. We believe that each woman needs to be treated on an individual basis to get them on a replacement program that improves the quality of their life while minimizing risks and side effects.

    Schedule your appointment with CHPG Women’s Health today at one of our two convenient locations.

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