• Loop Electrocautery Excision Procedure

  • Loop Electrocautery Excision Procedure (LEEP) is fast, in-office treatment used to remove abnormal cells on the cervix. Abnormalities, referred to as cervical dysplasia, and are categorized as:

    • Atypia or koilocytosis
    • CIN 1 or Mild Dysplasia
    • CIN 2 or Moderate Dysplasia
    • CIN 3 or Severe Dysplasia
    • Pre-cancer
    • Cervical cancer

    The severity of the abnormality guides the physician's treatment recommendations. While some women with atypia or mild dysplasia may see their abnormality spontaneously resolve, for others and especially those with more severe forms of dysplasia, LEEP treatment may be an option.

    How LEEP Works

    During a LEEP treatment, a patient is properly positioned and a local anesthetic is administered. Next, an electrocautery device is used to shave away the surface layers of tissue from the cervix, much like removing a mole from the external skin.

    Once removed, the surface tissue is sent to a pathologist to determine the extent of the dysplasia.


    LEEP effectively cures dysplasia in approximately 93% of patients, which is usually determined after 3 normal Pap smears.

    After treatment, women may experience spotting and/or vaginal discharge for 7-10 days and should avoid putting anything inside the vagina during this time.

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